How Traditional Jewelry Impact Your Ornament

Jewelry emphasizes the splendor of a person. It also symbolizes wealth, energy and status. For some people, jewelry is also a work of art for themselves and their creative expression. Others use jewelry as part of their customs and traditions. Although they may have different meanings and associations, they all play an important role.

The importance of jewelry in Indian traditions

In Indian tradition, jewelry plays a symbolic role. Especially at weddings, it has ethnic and religious connotations. The jewelry worn by the bride means that she will be part of her husband's family for a long time. She participates in a purification ceremony to become part of the groom's long-term family.

Very different jewelry and its meanings

As mentioned earlier, jewelry has very deep meanings for all religious practices and non-religious beliefs. This jewelry is made from gemstones, metals or a mixture of both.


Gold is the most popular type of steel used in jewelry. It is durable and does not tarnish, even after regular use. For many Indians, gold is considered a jewel. Hindus believe that gold has the ability to purify anything it touches. It is also considered a symbol of energy and wealth. It also symbolizes health, prosperity and femininity.


Silver can be another type of steel that people usually wear. It is placed next to gold. In the Hindu tradition, gold is worn above the belt. At the same time, silver can be worn below the waist. Bracelets, rings and anklets are usually made of silver. In their customs, silver symbolizes security against magic. Hindus believe that silver represents the moon and the moon god. It symbolizes femininity and motherhood. It is also believed to help fight bad emotions and strengthen desires.


Platinum is probably one of the most expensive metals used in jewelry. It stains easily, so use a mild cleaner and a handy cloth to restore its shine. It is also sometimes called hypoallergenic steel, making it ideal for those who suffer from allergic reactions.


Diamonds are probably one of the most popular stones in jewelry. They are used in weddings and engagements. Traditionally, diamonds bring peace of mind to the wearer. This stone has a supernatural power that leads them to success. The diamond symbolizes purity, innocence and eternal love.

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