Kumauni Wedding Jewellery With Pahadi Rituals

Weddings in Uttarakhand are known for their unique culture and fun wedding ceremony. If you are amazed by the unique traditions of the Himalayas, you can follow these traditional kumaoni weddings to tie them into a Pahari-style wedding.

Wedding ceremony


First of all, Kumauni Wedding are starts with the engagement ceremony, where pahadi people are wear traditional dress and Jewellery as per their own choices and this is the beginning of a long Traditional Kumauni Wedding, Like other weddings, Kumaoni Wedding have a uniqueness that made pahadi Wedding are very special and joyful that start with engagement ceremony. Just like other Tradition pahadi couple engagement are also have same process where bride father take an engagement rings and share with groom father then then married couple exchanges rings for the bride and groom.

Haldi ceremony

Haldi is a special tradition of Uttarakhand Wedding, Pahadi people are very rituals about their tradition and they will always try to full fill there marriage arrangement according to Uttarakhand traditions. In same Mehndi Events, pahadi brides wears a Yellow dress or sari that make an additional reflection on bride face and when she wear Traditional Jewellery that made her looks on a different edge.

Mehendi ceremony

As like Haldi, Mehndi Ceremony is also a part of Kumauni Wedding, Henna is applied to the hands and feet of the bride during the mehendi ceremony after the engagement. The gorgeous bride had a day mehendi and we loved the super cheery yet relaxed decor! Pahadi Brides wearing a green saree or suite with an ethnic chunni and some traditional jewellery like gulband, and other artificial jewellery. After that the bride applies a heavy and mature henna design to the hands, arms, and legs. We know that the darker the henna, the deeper the affection of her husband.

Wedding Night Events

After above all, finally they reach on Marriage/Wedding Day and we all know that is only a day where we meet to our special one or life partner, and this is a lifetime event so bride needs to adorn in a special way, they wear an proper saree and all jewellery like Nath, Gulband, Mangtika, Jhumki, Pauchi, Earrings and other traditional jewelleries.

According to Hindu belief, during the marriage, the bride and groom retain the status of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi and are treated in the same way.

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