Pahadi Jewellery - A Glorious Tradition

Beautiful Pahadi women from Uttarakhand adore wearing silver and gold jewelry to add elegance and femininity to their personalities. If you've been to the hills before, you've probably seen Pahadi wearing traditional jewelry such as villages (gold or silver nose rings), kundaru (gold or silver earrings), and Paunie (bracelets of the silver ankle). He also owns beautiful gold necklaces such as Hansuri, Jang Dan Har, and Garo Peninsula. However, over time, as Pahadi women increasingly turn to modern and contemporary designs, this jewelry gradually lose their identity, and traditional jewelry has become increasingly rare. Today, most Pahadi women are adorned with luxurious and precious contemporary jewelry, but you can see that they lack the elegance of traditional designs. So let's show the light to the world and revive the traditional Pahari jewelry.

1) Nathuli

Nathuli or Nath is widely praised for its elegant style and is the charm of a Pahadi woman. Garwaru, Kumaon, and Jaunsaru in Uttarakhand worn by women from the Barbaru region. However, although the style and design of the two regions may be different, the charm is the same. The earrings or nose piercings of the bride are the highlight of the wedding. The weight and the number of pearls inserted in the nostrils show the status of the married family. The Tehri Nath is known for its artistic design and is one of the finest decorations in Uttarakhand and is worn at weddings, social gatherings, and important family gatherings. The great jewelry not only showcases the rich culture of Karwaru but also becomes a fashion statement and attracts many Pahadi and Bi- Pahadi brides.

2) Galobandh

Galobandh is known as the "Gara Peninsula" and is one of the important gems of Kumony culture. This elegant phenomenon is worn by the women of Kumaoni, Garwari, Botiya, and Jaunsari. As the name suggests, it is wrapped around Galobandh's neck and worn only by married women. The special thing about Galobandh is its design on a red leather belt. The red leather belt is beautifully laid out using a gold square gem wire. Although it is a kind of elegant jewelry, it cannot cope with traditional decoration because modern jewelry has dominated the market and has become unpopular. Although the local women love the decoration, it is not very popular with the locals.

3) Hansuli

Hansuli (also known as "Khagwali" in Garuwari) is a popular ornament that hangs around the neck This ornate neck necklace is more preferred among the rich and the poor among the gold. Sri wears Garwari, Kumaoni, Jaunsari, and Botiya Daughters, who exercise in these precious jewelry festivals, weddings, exhibitions, social gatherings, and important family events. The pungi is considered a classic gemstone, but in modern times when people are fascinated with gemstones, the charm of Hansuli gradually fades, and if this situation does not persist, traditional jewelry loses its essence. because no one wears them.Although the local women love the decoration, it is not very popular with the locals.

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