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The beautiful girls of Northern Akhand are avid wearers of jewelry made exclusively of silver and gold, including elegant and feminine pieces. If you ever visit the hills, you will not miss seeing Pahari girls wearing traditional jewelry such as bulak (gold or silver nose rings), kundal (gold or silver earrings) and paunje (silver bracelets).

Extravagant gold necklaces such as Hasli, Chandan Haar, Guluband etc. were also happily worn. However, with the passage of time, this jewelry is losing its individuality as Pahadi girls are now fond of the latest fashions and standard jewelry is becoming rare.

Today, many Pahadi girls are wearing fashionable jewelry with beautiful and precious designs, but without the traditional designs. So let's revive the standard Pahadi jewelry and share its brilliance with the world.


Nathuli or Nath is a Pahari girl charm popular for its elegant fashion. It is worn by the women of Garhwal, Kumaon and Jaunsar Bawar districts in North Akhand. But while the fashion and design may vary from region to region, the appeal remains the same. The bride's nose is the main star of the wedding.


Better known as "Galobandh", GULUBANDH is perhaps one of the outstanding jewels of the Kumaoni tradition. This elite necklace is worn by the girls of the Kumaoni, Garhwali, Bhotia and Jaunsari tribes. As the logo suggests, the Garo knot is worn around the neck only by married girls. The peculiarity of the Garo knot is that it is made on a deep red belt on which a square of gold jewelry is worn. The objects are beautifully arranged with the help of the internet.


HASLI, often known as "khagwali" in the Garhwali language, is a popular ornament that is put around the neck. This beautiful neck ornament is preferred by gold rich people and silver poor or less rich people. Khansuli is worn by the daughters of Garhwali, Kumaoni, Jaunsari and Bhotia. This priceless jewelry can be seen at festivals, weddings, parties, social gatherings and necessary family events.


PAUCHI is a beautiful piece of gold jewelry that is count in a traditional jewellery in Uttarakhand. It is designed by skilled jewelers who engrave intricate designs on it. It has been worn by the women of Garhwal, Kumaon and Jaunsar for some years. It’s also is known as Punji in the local Pahari language.


When we talk about pahadi jewellery, We can't miss out Maang Tikka, It's not just a part of padhadi jewellery set, it is a Fashion Statement in Present-Time that everyone are in love with from hills to all corner of world.  Earlier Maang Tikka was worn by the women of India as an essential piece of Bridal Jewellery or by married women to symbolize their marital status but now Maang tikka is a Fashionable jewellery that people love to flaunt and pose with.

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