The Key benefits of Uttarakhand Traditional Gold & Silver Jewellery

Are you a woman or a fan of Ethnic or Traditional Jewelry? So you are on the right place! Even as your clothes are beautiful and at cost, they are not complete without jewelry. India is home to many cultures, so the clothes, clothing, and lifestyle of each tribe are different. This time we explored the beautiful mountainous region of Uttarakhand, where we found some kind of popular traditional jewellery specially Gold and silver jewellery. In the state of Uttarakhand have a mystical charm in their own way. Today, however, the lightweight of women, low prices, and lack of knowledge of these exquisite decorations lead women to choose modern homes, and the enthusiasm for traditional homes has ceased.

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The love of Jewellery is Eternal

Since ancient times, jewelry has always been an important ornament. Not only can they embellish their individuality, but they are also a sign of important social status. It has not lost its meaning or even its meaning. Because India is a country of diverse cultures and traditions, we have witnessed the importance of Indian jewelry, especially gold and silver. According to our ancient historical records, gold and silver are considered symbols of purity, and diamonds are considered status symbol. Not only members of the royal family, but also ordinary people used it as an attractive item.

Over time, the interest in decoration gradually faded, and according to the latest trends, bracelets, chains, nails are still decorated now. For a woman, the love of jewelry is eternal, and all of her figures are decorated in one form or another. Simple earrings and pendants, stylish bracelets, trendy ankles, and other jewelry can take women's confidence to the next level. Some decorations, such as Mangalsutra rings and bracelets, are jewelry for married women. Our country's footnotes have different cultures, ways of life, charms, and gemstones.

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Traditional Jewelry from Uttarakhand

This time we will explore Uttarakhand, which is the land of the gods, and here we are looking for popular traditional types of jewelry. There are several tribes that wear jewelry of different designs, such as Tharu, Bucusa, Raji's and Botia. The necklaces used to assemble coins are a decoration common to all tribes in the country. In addition to Jaunsari and Khampa women, nose nails are other common decorations.


Naturi is the oldest gem in the country, a pearl nose. Almost all tribes in Uttarakhand wear it and its design varies from region to region, but the terminals in the Garwaru region are attractive due to their larger scale. The nostrils worn on the left nostrils in the Kuman and Kurouwa regions of Uttarakhand are all carefully designed, designed to reach, and sometimes associated with a chain behind the ear. In some cases very light and heavy. This exquisite decorative look is very popular among brides. Nas's most common theme is Duke's height. Large damask works add traditional value to the decoration. Eggplants are an important part of the charm of Kumaoni women.

Previously, the weight of Nas and the number of beads inserted determined the condition of the family, but over time this is not the case. Even today, however, many Uttarakhand brides like to wear oversized branches on their wedding day, and many brides find the smaller branches more attractive.

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